I have been a producer in the digital industry since 2011, and am now also a manager of digital producers.

I have worked in a variety of settings – large digital agencies of 100+ employees, mid-sized firms, tiny agencies of as small as four members of staff, managing my own clients while subcontracting to individual developers, and working as part of the in-house at large corporate businesses.

Most of the projects I have worked on have involved a significant creative component, such as digital advertising campaigns and mobile games, but I have also worked on more functionality-driven pieces such as custom CMS builds and e-commerce websites.

In most of my roles, I have also been client-facing, sometimes working with an account manager, but more often without.

The writings here are based on my own observations and experiences in these contexts.

Why “Throwing Down Tracks”?

A very astute junior producer I was training once sent me this clip, saying 1:30 onwards reminded him of what it was like to be a producer: